Let’s converse about Converse

By Emma G.

Redskin PRIDE of KMS reporter

The best shoe brand in the world might not be what you think. Converse, which is known for their infamous sneakers, is the best shoe brand on the market.

I know, I know. It seems like a random thing to talk about, but a shoe brand called Converse is coming back into favor among shoe customers and is making its way onto the regular footwear list.

I see more and more people in the hallways wearing these shoes and it has become very popular around Knox Community Middle School this year.

Converse was first started in 1908 as a rubber shoe brand focusing on galoshes. It was called “Converse Rubber Shoe Company” and created by Marquis Mills Converse. Later, the company started using the rubber to make the sneakers we always see kids wearing in the halls every day. From 1908 to the present, this popular shoe brand has held strong.

“I think they’re cool,” says Myah Ford, a fifth grader at KMS. “They’re comfortable.” She has a pair of white high-top Converse that she bought this year.

“They’re comfortable, they are easy to run in and I like the way they look,” says Amelia Brackman, also a fifth grader. She said she has had her pair of black high-top Converse for about two years.

Sixth-grader, Billy Howard, said “I wish I had Converse. They have a star on them. I’d be like to be a superstar.” He has wanted the shoes since his sister showed him her pair.

Many of the students at KMS wear and adore Converse, but the question is, will they love this fad, which has been around forever, for long?

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